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Is your WiFi slow or has too many black spots?
Does your video streaming stop, stutter or buffer?
Do the kids complain about slow internet or games lag?
Would you like WiFi in the shed or man cave?
We can provide a fast, stable & reliable WiFi Connection in your home or business. Ubiquiti Unify access points run on POE ( Power Over Ethernet ) which means it’s not a WiFi extension it is connected directly to the modem
using a power injector to activate the unit so 240V power is not required where the unit is installed.


Maximise your network by installing structured cabling from a central location, connecting directly to your modem is the fastest connection to the internet & reduces the stress on your WiFi network. You might have a fast internet plan but it can only work as fast as your slowest interconnection point. Simply this means if you have everything connected to your WiFi & the modem is transmitting at 300Mbps this is fast as your network can run, the average home has over 10 devices connected to the WiFi this can put a strain on most WiFi networks. Improve your network with structured cable it is the fastest & most stable connection, reduce the stress on the WiFi.


Do you have a Man Cave, Granny Flat or shed that has low WiFi signal.
The solution to this problem isn’t digging a trench to run cable under ground making a mess of your yard not to mention the cost. A simple point to point for long distance or a station for the building that is just outside the range of your existing WiFi.

Moving your modem

In many houses the modem is on the kitchen bench. This is because when the house was built the first socket was run to the kitchen for the telephone. Technology has changed, there’s less phones and more modems. Who wants to have their kitchen benches filled with chargers, modems and other non-cooking devices taking up valuable bench space? We provide a solution; move the modem to a more functional location to maximise your WiFi network. You’ll never know it’s there.


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We started Ipswich WiFi and Network Services to provide a way for our clients to maximise the bandwidth that their network service provider has connected to their home or business.

We have over 15 years of experience in the telecommunication industry working with many technologies ADSL, FTTN, FTTP, FTTC & HFC.

Dedicated to helping & advising our clients on the best network solution for their budget, listening to their need & allowing for growth.


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We take the time to listen to your needs and create a network that will suit your home or business. We are dedicated to installing & supporting only the highest quality equipment to keep your network stable & secure.

Providing the tools to make your home or business network the best it can be.


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